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We care about our environment

All of us at Demos are committed to achieving a sustainable environment, while continuing to meet customer expectations of quality and service and providing a safe workplace for our employees and have a positive impact on our greater Environment whilst assisting clients in achieving their Sustainability goals.​




We foster an inclusive environment that values the richness of our differences and reflects the diverse world in which we live and work. By cultivating a dynamic mix of people and ideas, we enrich our service capabilities and the communities in which we operate.




We are proud of our reputation for uncompromising integrity, ethical conduct and Corporate Governance. Our Code of Business Ethics and Vendor Code of Conduct are followed by our own employees and everyone who does business on behalf of Demos Property Services.  We are also proud of the rigor and quality of our firm’s Corporate Governance and the benefits these policies produce for our stakeholders. 




Waste places a significant burden on our environment, through the impact of collection, disposal and replacement. Effective waste management strategies fall under two categories; waste minimisation and recycling. Our chemical dispensing system has significantly reduced our own packaging waste burden and for our clients, as do all our reusable tools and durable equipment.


We provide assistance to all our clients to develop Waste Management Plans which will assist them in achieving their waste minimisation goals as well as achieve accreditations such as NABERS and WELL.




Staff employed on all Demos serviced sites all undergo general environmental awareness training to ensure they are aware of their obligations and responsibilities under the company’s Sustainability Management Plan. Further training provided on site in waste diversion from landfill, chemical minimisation and reductions in the use of water and electricity ensure a well informed, sustainability focused work force.​



Demos has long been recognised for our commitment to meeting and exceeding our WorkSafe obligations for chemical safety, replacing traditional chemicals for Enzyme cleaners and water only cleaning systems wherever possible and utilising Wirrpanda Supplies sustainable chemicals for all other applications.​



At Demos our aim is to provide our clients with hygienically clean buildings. This is a vitally important, but unfortunately an all too often forgotten aspect of green cleaning. We use professional quality microfibre cloths, but will only implement microfibre cleaning technology where cloth laundering and effective chemical-free cleaning is possible. Alternatively, our certified chemicals and controlled dispensing system leave contactable surfaces free of harmful chemical residues.

A high standard of cleanliness, hygiene and cross-contamination prevention are ensured through the provision of staff training, rewarding good performance, and implementing best practices such as color-coding, cloth replacement quotas and a daily tool maintenance schedule.



Through the controlled dispensing of our chemicals, Tersano Oxydised water and (plant based) Enzyme cleaning, Demos has significantly reduced adverse environmental impacts, such as carbon emissions, associated with packaging and shipping of the products we need to deliver our services to you.

These sustainability measures extend to the careful maintenance and re-use of tools and equipment, and are supported by procurement guidelines that stipulate durability and efficiency.

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