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The COVID-19 pandemic is currently threatening our lives and livelihoods.

In response to the COVID-19, Demos Property Services are offering a range of additional services to our customers to increase the level of cleaning being performed on their premises.

This response has been put together based on the advice of the Australian Governement Department of Health and suppliers of disinfectants and cleaning products.

We, at Demos Property Services recognise that the health and safety of our employees and your employees is of the most critical priority during these unprecedented times. We all have an obligation and duty of care to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees that is free of hazards.


Demos Property Services has been leading the way during these challenging times by providing specialist COVID-19 prevention and outbreak cleaning regimes to combat the spread of the virus.

Our expert team is trained using special equipment and cleaning agents.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) are selected based on a situational risk assessment and staff are trained in the correct use and disposal of PPE equipment in order to prevent spread and cross-contamination.


Our disinfection and sanitising services include the detailed and deep cleaning of surfaces such as:



Door handles and doors

Lifts and lift lobby buttons

Keyboards and computer mice


Light switches and switch plates

Staircase railings



Our cleaning agents have antiviral capabilities which means that it can kill a virus and are SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) approved.


Our COVID-19 outbreak service requires both thorough decontamination and disinfection for complete environmental decontamination.


Our disinfection foggers and SARS-CoV-2 approved cleaning agents will ensure that your premises are free of contamination.


These are tough and challenging times for all of us. Demos Property Services understands and acknowledges this and is committed in working together with its clients to provide a safe workplace during this pandemic.


We are experts at what we do and agile enough to respond together with you.


From all the Demos team, stay safe and keep well.


Due to increasing demand, Demos Property Services will now provide decontamination cleans to RESIDENTIAL properties!


Call us on 03-9416 4966 for a No Obligation quote and we will be happy to talk to you about the services that we offer to suit your needs!

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