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We were born 37 years ago ...


Demos Property Services was founded in 1987 by the Company Principal, Mr Jim Demos, and has, over the past 37 years grown to become one of Melbourne’s largest contract cleaning companies with the experience and capacity to fulfil the requirements of the most stringent commercial cleaning contracts, yet compact enough to care about each and every contract.

Quality of service is not confined to head office but extends to Clients’ offices and on to each and every site.  We run an open door policy and everyone from the top down is accessible at all times – this is what sets us at an advantage in the market place, where quality and service are critical elements of successful contract cleaning.

We treat each client on an individual and personal basis.  We understand that each client and property have different requirements and for this reason we are able to build a work program that is tailored to specific needs and requests.

We work very closely with our employees and our suppliers to develop new methods, tools, processes and materials to improve our cleaning services. Over the 37 years we have collected data on cleaning frequencies, rates and work methods, so that we can easily compare sites with current services offered.

We have developed and introduced a number of methodologies to manage all our projects effectively and at the highest standard; by capturing the client requirements we develop specifications according to individual properties and clients’ needs.  Our knowledge of the industry, coupled with our dealings with a diverse range of properties and their requirements means we can service every request on demand.


We directly employ all of our staff, we train and educate our staff and we make sure that their work ethic matches ours. Our culture breeds teamwork and pride in the work delivered and we ensure that the work the whole team does is a part of your business success as much as ours.

We believe in making the transition to Demos Property services as seamless as possible, our dedicated Transition Management Team is headed by our General Manager, Penelope Demos, who with over 22 years’ experience is committed to the seamless transition of all major contracts awarded to Demos as well as Lexi Christou our Senior Operations Manager.  An assigned Client Relationship Manager will also ensure the day to day operational matters are handled effectively and efficiently.

Our clients include: Bank & Finance Corporations, Commercial Properties, Retail outlets, Hospitality venues, Law Institutions, and many more.

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